TurboChef Connect

With TurboChef Connect, you can update your oven's menu, gather data, and much more by simply logging in to our portal via computer tablet or smart phone. Available on all TurboChef ovens with touch controls - Bullet, Sota, Sota Single Mag, Panini, i3, and i5.

Gain Access to Exclusive Features:TurboChef Connect
  • Set schedules to remotely update oven cook settings
  • Real-time event logging provides up-to-the-minute point of sale data
  • Export and analyze oven performance data, including which products     were cooked and when
  • Set up oven communities to organize your ovens geographically, by     application or however you want
  • Set schedules to remotely update oven firmware when TurboChef adds     features or improves functionality
  • Real-time fault alerts improve service diagnostics
  • Data encrypted, securely stored, and protected on the Digi Cloud:     security policy based on 175 controls outline in CSA ISO27002, NERC     CIP, PCI, and HIPAA standards, enforced with active monitoring tools,     and verified with policy compliance audits
  • Cost of service and data storage included with oven for the first year,     with option to continue service beyond

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