Ventless Rapid Cook Ovens

TurboChef rapid cook ovens utilize top and/or bottom air impingement assisted by precise bursts of RF energy to decrease cook times by more than 80% without compromising quality.

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Ventless High-speed Conveyors

TurboChef’s unprecedented High-h air impingement and available catalyst technology heats food faster than any other conveyor on the market.

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Ventless High-speed Impingement Ovens

TurboChef impingement ovens utilize precisely controlled top and bottom air to increase heat transfer rates, resulting in cook times that are 40–50% faster.

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Ventless Automation

The TurboChef Plexor is a modular, multi-chamber, multi-cook technology appliance that gives operators the ability to choose up to three different oven types – impingement, convection, or rapid cook – that all operate with a single plug and single user interface.

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Ventless Certification

Download helpful information on ventless certifications and approvals for your oven.

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