PLEXOR A3 Automated Ventless Oven

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3 state-of-the-art cooking technologies in 1 appliance

PLEXOR A3 Automated Ventless Oven

Automation that Wins Every Time

The PLEXOR impingement, rapid cook and TurboVect modules can be configured in any combination, and can be field retrofitted in the event the end user’s menu mix or menu needs change. What truly sets PLEXOR apart is its modular design and ability to operate three technologies on a single user interface and with a single plug. The PLEXOR features TurboChef’s patented ventless technology and can be ordered in left or right automated loading/unloading door orientation to offer additional flexibility.

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  • Three (3) cooking technologies in one (1) appliance: rapid cook, impingement, convection, or any combination
  • Operated by a single plug
  • Single user interface makes training and operation simple
  • Autoload/unload
  • Ventless – integral recirculating catalytic converter for UL® (KNLZ) listed ventless operation
  • Adaptive power management ensuring consistent results while power sharing
  • Modular design: mix and match to fit your menu – change configuration with module field swaps
  • Available in left-to-right and right-to-left configurations
  • Open Kitchen ready for a connected kitchen
  • Upload unlimited recipes via USB
  • Comes standard with cart and sealing gasket
  • Includes plug and cord (6 ft. nominal)


Cook Times

Item Cook Time
Chicken Wings (frozen, 12) 4:00 (rapid cook)
Breakfast Sandwich 00:55 (rapid cook)
Chicken Breasts (raw, thawed, 4) 5:30 (impingement)
Pizza (thawed, 16") 3:15 (impingement)
Cookies (frozen) 12:00 (TurboVection)
Mini Croissants (frozen, 9) 15:00 (TurboVection)

Oven Specs

Technical Specs for PLEXOR A3 Automated Ventless Oven

Exterior Construction Stainless Steel
Interior Construction Stainless Steel
Oven Height 61.11" | 1552 mm
Oven Width 50.82" | 1291 mm
Oven Depth 32.98" | 838 mm
Oven Weight 940 lb. | 426 kg
Wall Clearance Top 2" | 51 mm
Wall Clearance Sides 2" | 51 mm

Oven Literature

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