Sandwich, Pesto Chicken

Sandwich, Pesto Chicken
  • Product Description:
    Chicken Pesto Sandwich on a Ciabatta roll

  • Weight:

  • Starting State:


1 ciabatta roll split open lengthwise

2 oz. pesto

2 oz. sliced chicken breast

2 slices provolone cheese

1 oz. red roasted pepper


  • spread 1 oz. pesto on each side of the ciabatta roll
  • distribute the red roasted pepper on the bottom side of the roll
  • then place the sliced chicken on top of peppers
  • add the sliced cheese to the crown side of the roll.
  • place on top of a 14″ pizza screen, and place it inside the oven to heat up.
oven settings
  • Quantity: 1 each
  • Cooking Medium:

    14″ pizza screen.

  • Set Temperature: Not Applicable
  • Cook Time: 120 seconds
Event % Time % Top Air % Bottom Air
1 120 500°F / 260°C 500°F / 260°C
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